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Learning through songs: Going to School - 上 学 歌

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

My son was learning this song for a performance at his Chinese school and listening to him practise the song has had the tune playing in my mind all week. It is quite a catchy and upbeat song to teach your children and thus I have decided to post it here.

This video clip has the lyrics and pinyin. I have also included the lyrics to the song here with the English translation. I have not done a literal translation but have tried instead to capture the meaning and spirit of the song.

Going To School (Song)

上 学 歌

shàng xué gē

The sun is shining brightly

太 阳 当 空 照

tài yáng dāng kōng zhào

The flowers are smiling at me

花 儿 对 我 笑

huā ér duì wǒ xiào

My friends

小 朋 友

xiǎo péng yǒu

Good Morning! Good Morning! Good Morning!

早 早 早

zǎo zǎo zǎo

Carrying my school bag and going to school

背 着 书 包 要 去 上 学 校

bēi zhe shū bāo yào qù shàng xué xiào

I am going to school

我 去 上 学 校

wǒ qù shàng xué xiào

I am never late

天 天 不 迟 到

tiān tiān bū chí dào

I love to learn

爱 学 习

ài xué xí

I don't mind (love) hard work

爱 劳 动

ài láo dòng

When I grow up I want to contribute to society

长 大 要 为 人 民 立 功 劳

zhǎng dà yào weì rén mín lì gōng láo

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