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妈咪的购物袋Mummy’s Shopping Bag


Simplified Chinese Characters with Pinyin. Mandarin Chinese STORY BOOK (36 Pages). The magical properties of a mother’s shopping bag! Mummy’s shopping bag is so big, that it can fit anything in: from something as small as a leaf to something as big as a rocket! Find out what else is in Mummy’s bag. This story introduces simple sentences in Mandarin Chinese with pinyin which will help children and beginners new to the language to learn to read.


  • On each page the Simplified Chinese Characters and pinyin are shown.
  • Lively story with beautiful illustrations
  • The book has 36 pages with a laminated soft cover
  • Size: 17 x 17 cm


Other titles available in this series include: Angela’s Pet Giraffe, Moby the Mouse and The Story of a Feather.


Available in English as well. While the translation is not verbatim but the overall meaning of the story is maintained.

妈咪的购物袋​ Mummy’s Shopping Bag

    • Language Level: Beginner / Elementary
    • Condition: New
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