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西西 CeeCee (Available in Bilingual English Mandarin or Mandarin Chinese Only)

by Mao Xiao

illustrated by Chunmiao Li & Yanhong Zhang

translated by Helen Wang


CeeCee sat alone on a bench, at a playground whilst the other children played happily together. Why wouldn’t CeeCee join them?  The book not only introduces simple sentences in mandarin Chinese with pinyin but also useful everyday vocabulary that children can relate to. This will help children and beginners new to the language to learn to read quicker.


  • Available in Bilingual English Mandarin or Mandarin only
  • Lively story and lovely illustrations
  • The book has 40 pages with a HARDCOVER
  • Size: 24 x 23.5 x 1.0cm
  • Brand new


Click here for an audio recording of the book in Mandarin.


Bilingual English - Mandarin - CeeCee 西西

SKU: 9781945295140
    • Language Level: Beginner / Elementary
    • Condition: New
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