Kung Fu Panda 功夫熊猫 (gōngfuxióngmāo)

Kung Fu Panda (2008) DreamWorks Animation. Bumbling and accident prone Po is an enthusiastic kung fu fan with no skills in martial art. Po is unwittingly identified as a legendary master “Dragon Warrior” and is chosen to fight with the evil snow leopard Tai Lung.


Master Shifu is faced with the impossible task to train the clumsy and overweight Po in time for the ultimate fight. Po is subject to excruciatingly harsh training regime by Master Shifu, and constant belittlement of his physique and personality by Master Shifu’s other disciples famously known as the Furious Five. Po endures his training and gradually befriends the Five with his resilience, culinary skill, and good humour. Through the journey Po also discovers that his greatest weaknesses turns out to be his greatest strengths and becomes the unlikely hero.


A lot of work had been put into the production of the cartoon to ensure that it had an authentic Chinese and kung fu feel to it. The computer animation used throughout the film was more complex than anything DreamWorks had done before.


The production designer and art director spent years researching Chinese painting, sculpture, architecture and kung fu films (such as Hero, House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) to help recreate the natural landscapes of ancient China for the film. Hans Zimmer who scored the cartoon actually visited China to absorb the culture and get to know the China National Symphony Orchestra as part of his preparation whilst, the animators took a six-hour kung fu class.


Here is a short clip of Po with his adoptive father, Mr. Ping the goose, in his noodle restaurant in Mandarin with pinyin and English subtitles.


  • Region 3 DVD. This item requires a region specific or multi-region DVD player
  • Audio options include English, Mandarin or Cantonese
  • Subtitles - Simplified/Traditional Chinese or English
  • Size: 13.5 x 19.0 x 1.5cm
  • Weight: 98g

DVD: Kung Fu Panda 功夫熊猫 (gōngfuxióngmāo)

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