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The Legend of Young Yue Fei - 少年岳飞传奇

Yue Fei 岳飞 is one of China’s most celebrated generals known not only for his military successes, but also for his high ethical standards.  He was revered for his bravery and military skill, as well as for protecting civilians and caring for his soldiers off the battlefield.


He is also endearingly remembered in Chinese folklore for his virtues of filial piety. It was early in Yue’s military career when he found himself torn between his loyalties to his country and caring for his mother, and it is here where another legend started. The renowned legend says that in order to encourage her son to fight, Yue’s mother tattooed "精忠报国“ (jīng zhōng bào guó) which means "To serve one's country with unreserved loyalty" on the back of her son. With his mother's blessing, Yue Fei was able to fulfill both his mother’s wish and his duty to the country, off to battle he.


Recommended for aged 3 and above.

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf 喜羊羊與灰太狼

The Mythical Ark: Adventures in Love & Happiness |喜羊羊与灰太狼之喜气羊羊过蛇年


Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf (喜羊羊与灰太狼) is one of the most popular and successful domestically produced cartoon series in China.

It revolves around a group of school-age goats that live happily in “Goat Village”.  In a castle outside of Goat Village lives the main villain Wolffy and his impatient wife Wolnie. Wolffy and Wolnie are always finding new elaborate ways to catch and eat the goats with very little success. Weslie, the leader and hero amongst the goats, together with the help of his friends always manages to foil Wolffy's plans in the end. The goats go home, free and victorious. Wolffy never gives up and he says he'll come back to try to catch the goats again. Wolffy would then return home to receive endless lashings from his wife Wolnie.


In this movie entitled The Mythical Ark, Wolffy manages to control with weather in order to capture goats but he end up losing control of wind, rain, thunder and lightning.


Recommended for aged 3 and above.

Boonie Bears: To the Rescue | 熊出没之夺宝熊兵

Chinese animated comedy adventure family film


Boonie Bears to the Rescue 熊出没之夺宝熊兵 The story revolves around how a mysterious box and a strange little girl changes the course of daily lives of these Bear Brothers, launching them into an adventure! 


Recommended for aged 4 and above.

Boonie Bears: The Big Top Secret | 熊出没之熊心归来

Chinese animated comedy adventure family film

This story is about friends old and new, of being lost but most importantly being found. The Big Top Secret follows Briar (大熊) as he is whisked away from the home he knows and plunged head first into the ranks of a travelling circus. 

Recommended for aged 4 and above.

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Little Door Gods |小门神

Chinese animated fantasy comedy film


Little Door Gods 小门神, also known as Door Guardians are guardian spirits who are believed to have helped humans with their problems for centuries. Humans would leave posters of the spirits on their doors to allow the spirits access. However, there's a crisis in the Chinese Spirit World! Humans have grown less dependent on the spirits and do not believe in gods anymore. As a result, the Gods are at risk of unemployment. A Door God ventures into the human world to prove his worth, leading to unexpected encounters and transformations for humans and spirits alike. 

Recommended for aged 5 and above.

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