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奥莉薇 ào lì wēi

Olivia by Ian Falconer


Simplified Chinese Characters. Mandarin Chinese STORY BOOK (40 Pages Hardcover).

Follow the account of a typical day with Olivia, from getting dressed, scaring her little brother Ian, building magnificent sand castles, visiting museums and most of all wearing people out. The illustrations are simple yet filled with expression and are dramatic. The use of only one primary colour makes the drawings stand out even more. What drew me to this book was the way the author managed to slip in an appreciation of the arts, from paintings (my favourite was the Jackson Pollock), to ballet, architecture and opera. It was when my four year old son pointed to an advert outside the Royal Academy and exclaimed “Mummy, Look! Jackson Pollock!” that I realised the powerful impact of the book. A brilliant book.

  • Simplified Chinese Characters.
  • Lively story with simple yet beautiful illustrations
  • The book has 40 pages with a HARD cover
  • Size: 22 x 28.3cm
  • Weight: 398g
  • Brand new


You can buy the English language version on Amazon. Click here.

Chinese Story Book - 奥莉薇 Olivia

SKU: 9787543464551
  • Educational Level : Primary School
    Foundation Stage : Key Stage (1-2 School years)

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