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Embracing Technology

The single most important factor in learning a language is the amount of exposure that the child gets to it. This is not easy if you are bringing up your child to learn a language that is not your native tongue and not being in a country where it is not widely spoken. One avenue that has yielded results for us is internet. Now, I am not a fan of exposing children to tablets or phones but when used appropriately, technology is an amazing tool. As with all children, my son loves cartoons. So during T.V. time, my son is allowed to watch anything he wants (within reason!) long as it is in Mandarin Chinese. Bob the Builder, Thomas and Friends, Pocoyo, you name it!

Click here to watch some of the selection of cartoons that we have. You can also browse our shop for a selection of DVDs (dubbed in Mandarin) if you are going on a road trip or if it is that is just simply more convenient for you.

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