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粽子 (zòngzi) - A traditional treat during the Dragon Boat Festival.

粽子(zòng​zi​) is a traditional treat made in the lead up to the Dragon Boat Festival. They are very tedious to make, as such making them becomes a family effort. Zongzi are pyramid-shaped dumplings made from glutinous rice, stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves. The shape of zongzi varies from North to South China. Recipes are passed down verbally from one generation to another. As such, each family will have their own, distinct methods and recipes of making it. The fillings in zongzi vary from region to region, but most importantly the main ingredient must be glutinous rice. Again, depending on the various regions, the rice may be lightly pre-cooked by stir frying or soaked in water. Zongzi filling can often contain either dates or sweetened red beans while savory zongzi with meat are popular in Southern China.

Click here for the full recipe as shown in this Youtube clip below.

One of the most difficult steps in making the zongzi is mastering the art of wrapping it. Click here for a specific Youtube tutorial on how to wrap a zongzi. Good luck and remember practice makes perfect!

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