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Bribery? Guilty as charged

Our 7 year old son is obsessed with Nerf guns. He has been spending endless summer afternoons playing at Nerf gun wars with the other kids in the playground. As with any other child, there are never enough toys or nerf guns. He has been pleading and negotiating with me for a new Nerf gun that he really wants even though he already has three. I commented that if only he put in the same amount of dedication to his Chinese revision I might reconsider. He said that he is very diligent with his revision i.e. diligently watching Chinese cartoons every day. Given that this is a special request for yet another Nerf gun, we decided to up the ante. So the challenge is as such. He will read a Chinese story book of his choice in the time that he himself allocates. When he is ready to take the challenge, he must be able to recognise any words that appear in the story book. If he is able to recognise all the words that he is tested on, the nerf gun of his choice will be bestowed. Yes, I am partial to a little bribery.

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