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What kind of animal are you?

2020 is a Year of the Rat (鼠年) according to the Chinese zodiac (生肖) which represents wisdom. 

Do you know the meaning or significance of the Chinese zodiac system and what each of the 12 animals represent? 

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The different animal signs are thought to have risen from a Taoist myth. The myth has many variations as a result of subtle differences in culture around Asia, but in essence, it involves a race and 12 animals whom finished in the following order. First the rat, followed by the ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and lastly the pig.

Unlike the western astrological zodiac, the Chinese zodiac is not based on stars or constellations, it is instead based on a 12-year cycle calculated in accordance to the Chinese lunar calendar, with each year in a cycle representing an animal sign. Nonetheless, like astrological star signs, the Chinese Zodiac animals (属相) have individual attributes and significance that are represented in the personality of the individual born in that year of that zodiac.

Watch the TedEd clip below for an excellent overview on on the myth behind the Chinese zodiac system.

Useful sentences with the key vocabulary:

1) He was born in the year of the rat - 他生肖属鼠。

2) What is your Chinese zodiac animal? - 你属相是什么?

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